27 March 2017

Return of Migratory Birds

As the ice on the local ponds melts and the open water appears the migratory water birds are starting to return. I found about a dozen Canada Geese on the pond by our cabin.

Over on Miner's Pond a flock of Herring Gulls stopped for a rest. This gull found a tasty morsel embedded in the ice.

A second gull checks out the source of a meal.

Birds of a feather may flock together, but this one isn't going to share a meal.

24 March 2017

Snow, Snow, Go Away ...

Some warm weather has returned to the neighborhood since last week's record snowfall and the local deer are now looking for bare areas to graze.

A couple of photos from my game camera following last week's snow storm. This deer was breaking a trail through the fresh snow.

A couple more deer following the trail breaker's path through the deep snow.

18 March 2017

Henry Charles Beebe

Chuck (Robert Charles) and Nikki (Nicole) Beebe are the parents of our new grandson, Henry Charles Beebe, who entered the world at 2:30pm on March 15th, weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 21.5" long.

Chuck and Henry.

Mother Nikki and Henry.

Henry preparing to leave the hospital on St. Patrick's Day.

Ready for his ride home.

Big sister Myra meets little brother Henry.

Nikki, Henry and Myra.

14 March 2017

Blizzard of 2017

Spring will be here in a week, but a "nor'easter" snow storm moved into our neighborhood and dumped at least 2 feet of snow. The table on our deck.

At 6:00PM we had 24 inches of snow and it is still coming down.

The view from our deck.

I spent most of the day plowing out, but still more work to do once the snow stops.

Our solarium.

My stockpile of firewood.

08 March 2017

A Sign of Spring

So far this Winter has been mild and as the temperature in the neighborhood reaches the 50's, I found this crocus in bloom.

05 March 2017

Catching a Few Warm Rays

We had a low temperature of 0F in the neighborhood this morning and I found some of the local deer taking advantage of the warm afternoon sun.

It has been a mild winter with very little snow and the wildlife have been able to easily find food.

This is one of the fawns born last spring and experiencing its first winter.

23 February 2017

Keeping Up With Mr. Reed

Mr. Reed continues to develop and learn every day. Some sit-ups with mommy. Stretch and touch those toes.

Finger fighting with Uncle Chuck.

Time for a check-up to see how he's doing with his work-out.

Mommy is happy with the great check-up.

Time to celebrate with Mom and Dad at a local restaurant.

Car rides make him sleepy.

21 February 2017

Mr. Reed Discovers Solid Food

Mr. Reed, our grandson, has reached a point where he can try solid food. At first he needed some encouragement from his dad.

It didn't take long for Reed to approve solid food.

Reed taking control.

Beets are one of his favorites.

15 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Mr. Reed's first Valentine's Day

21 January 2017

Mr. Reed

We have been spending some time with our grandson "Mr. Reed" and we can see the growth and development daily. He is starting to be a two fisted drinker.

Reed has been working-out and likes to show off his muscles. Check out these abs.

Reed does a lot of sweating during his work-outs and all the sweat collects in his shorts (but there may be other reasons they get wet).

Reed's work-out includes bear wrestling.

When it comes to bear wrestling, Reed knows how to lick the competition.

Mr. Reed likes to take a power nap after a hard work-out.

07 January 2017

Let's Do Lunch

The temperature in the neighborhood dropped to the single digits overnight and by noon today it was sunny but the temperature was still in the teens. To avoid being overtaken by cabin fever, I hopped into my warm truck to do some exploring of the neighborhood. I found these two young deer enjoying the sunshine as they looked for a meal in one of my food plots.

One of the deer was curious as to what I was doing as I photographed him (her).

After a few minutes of watching each other, the deer looked like it had spotted a tasty morsel on the ground.

In for a closer look and a taste test ...

Not as tasty as it looked.