31 May 2015

Matt & Alexandra's Wedding

On May 31st, 2015, our son Matthew Beebe and Alexandra Zill (Lexie) were married on a hilltop vista on our property.

Lexie, Matt and Colby.

Lexie and her Dad.

Matt & Lexie arrive at the reception in his classic Porsche.

The new Mr. & Mrs.

The best man, Chuck Beebe, toasting his brother.

Time for the wedding cake.

The reception was held in our barn and Matt & Lexie were still dancing at the end of the day.

23 May 2015

Young Buck

The warm spring weather has triggered this young buck's antlers to start growing and a small rack is now visible. He is also shedding his winter coat for a cooler summer coat.

22 May 2015

Goose Crossing

Stopped at our cabin today and was glad to see the geese were using the designated crossing area.

20 May 2015

Geese on the Pond

Within the last couple of days our cabin pond has been invaded by geese. For most of the spring these geese were nesting on the other side of Joyce Road on Miner's Pond.

The seven little goslings were hatched on Miner's Pond and within days the parents moved the little ones to our pond.

18 May 2015

Wildflowers - Wild Strawberry

With warmer than normal spring days I took a walk through some of our wooded property and found several verities of wild flowers in bloom. This wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) blossom will change its appearance almost daily as a cone-shaped center enlarges to form the red berry in a few weeks.

12 May 2015

Spring Turkey Hunting

The Pennsylvania spring turkey season (bearded bird only ) opened on May 2 and I was up at 4:45AM to match wits with these birds. I've seen a few birds in the area during the spring, but the first task is to call the gobbles out of the woods and close enough to shoot.

One method to get the birds close is to use a decoy (on the right).

Not only will a decoy attract turkeys, other animals may come in to check out the decoys.

Not all birds that come to the decoys are legal to shoot. This hen turkey came within 3 feet of me, but they're not legal to shoot during the spring season.

Finally, after several early mornings of waiting, a small (tasty) gobbler came in and was shot several times with my digital camera.

06 May 2015


We've been working at our barn for the last couple of weeks and today I noticed colony (group) of at least 4 bats huddled in a timber mortise on the underside of a large beam. The cooler overnight temperature may have forced them to huddle together for warmth. The bats remained in the same mortise all day as we worked with hammers and power tools under them