17 June 2018

Turkey Poults

I was on my tractor heading to a food plot at our cabin property when I noticed a hen turkey in the driveway acting strange. The turkey ran back and forth in the road and tall grass. When I got close I could see very small turkey poults (chicks). The poults were only a day or two old and could hardly walk in the mowed grass.

This turkey poult was having trouble getting out of this rut in the lawn.

I'm not sure how many poults were in the flock since they camouflage into the background.

16 June 2018

Neighborhood Foxes

In the past couple of weeks I have noticed several foxes in the neighborhood and wondered where they were living. I now know, their den is at the bottom of our lawn. I found this young fox taking a nap in our lawn.

I decided to see how close I could get to the fox. I was about 30 yards from the fox when it sat up.

I stopped walking and start talking to the fox and it bedded down again.

When I got within 15 yards of the fox it got up and walked into the weeds.

The fox continued to watch me from the weeds before leaving the area.

The day before, I found these two foxes napping in our lawn about 100 yards from our house.

13 June 2018

Fledgling Birds

I was mowing down some goldenrod and brush with my tractor when I had a couple of fledgling birds attempt to fly out of the way of the mower. One of the birds navigated out of the mowing area, but the second bird tried to hide in the un-mowed goldenrod.

After a few photos and some bird herding I was able to get the second bird to a safer location.

Maybe some bird watcher can identify this fledgling bird.

05 June 2018

Too Much Rain, Too Little Gardening

This has been a very wet spring in the neighborhood and I have recorded almost 8.4 inches of rain within the last month. One recent storm dumped almost 2.5 inches of rain withing one hour, so Mary and I did a road trip to check for damage. A small creek in Rome jumped its banks and flooded this home.

This little tributary was dumping "liquid mud" into Wysox Creek. Photos during the storm and an after the storm photo that shows the rocks that were carried by the muddy water into the creek.

A local farm field was turned into a lake.

It has been so wet that I've only had a couple of days this spring to work in my garden. I haven't been able to plant my sweet potatoes and they continue to grow in our solarium. Unlike regular potatoes which are planted and then hilled up, sweet potatoes are planted in raised mound of soil and my garden is to wet to work in.

03 June 2018

Spring Deer Hunt

With the continuing wet, rainy weather it was too wet to work in my garden or mow the lawn so I decided to go on a spring deer hunt. Instead of using a gun to shoot deer on my spring deer hunt, I use a camera. The deer are giving birth to this year's fawns and with a little luck I sometimes find new born fawns resting in the tall grass. My first encounter was this doe that was watching me.

After about another half hour of looking I found this fawn and was able to get a few pictures before it looked for a new hiding spot. From the way the fawn could run I'm guessing it's about a week old.

I must be in a good location and within 15 minutes I found this second fawn.

I was only able to get a couple of photos before this fawn ran off.

I thought I may have found a third fawn, but it turned out to be a rabbit.

25 May 2018

Another Fawn

I was driving around our cabin property and saw a doe standing in some dry grass and then I saw a little fawn pop up. The doe ran for the woods as the fawn stood and watched. When the fawn saw me it ducked into the grass. I couldn't find the fawn as I walked to the location where I had last seen it. I then realized it was only a couple of feet from me camouflaged in the grass.

This fawn must be less than a day old since its legs were still wobbly and it didn't run as I got close.

After about 5 to 10 minutes it got up and tried to run through the grass...

The fawn only went about 20 yards before it had to bed down again. One last photo and then I left it alone.

24 May 2018

Deer Ticks

I was doing some mowing around our fields with the tractor and finish mower when I noticed this blood sucking deer tick attached to my arm. I never got off the tractor while mowing but it was still able to get on me.

23 May 2018

Red Foxes

I was doing some work on our West Hill property last evening when I noticed a couple foxes in the area. Today I saw some foxes in a nearby field and moved closer for a few photos.

When I approached the field I saw a couple of foxes run into the nearby woods. After a couple of minutes I saw this cub reappear to check me out.

The mother soon appeared, but kept her distance as she summoned the cub to return.

The mother gives the cub a stern look as it returns.

Time for a little cleaning. The mother and cub then returned to the wooded area.

20 May 2018

Newborn Fawn

The new fawns are starting to appear in the neighborhood and I found this one at the edge of the road near our cabin.

When I first found this fawn I wasn't sure if it was alive because of its position, but it must have been only hours old when I found it. By the end of the day it had moved to a new location.

19 May 2018

New Antlers

The neighborhood deer are starting to shed their warmer brown colored winter coats for the cooler reddish summer coats. This year's new antlers are starting to appear on the bucks.

This young buck's antlers are starting to show the bone-like structure covered by a hairy skin called velvet.

18 May 2018

Snapping Turtle

I was driving on the road to our cabin when this snapping turtle walked into the road and stopped. Of course this is a photo op and time to take pictures. I think this turtle is giving me the "stink eye".

A view of the long claws. A snapping turtle cannot use its claws for either attacking or eating, but only as aids for digging and gripping.

15 May 2018


We had a heavy downpour of rain today and I headed to our cabin pond to check on the water level. I found several geese, including 4 goslings, enjoying the damp weather.

The little goslings are growing rapidly.

14 May 2018

Gardening Time

Over Mother's Day weekend we visited Matt and our grandson Reed. We took some extra strawberry runners from our garden and since Reed loves strawberries, he was more than willing to help plant them.

"We need to open this bag of potting soil by cutting it across here."

"Nice cut Grandma."

"Grandma, now fill this container to the top with potting soil. See how I'm doing it ..."

"It needs more potting soil here ..."

"That's enough potting soil Grandma, now put one strawberry plant in each section ..."

"Okay Grandma, the first tier of the strawberry tower is done, add another pot to the tower and repeat the process. While you work on the strawberry tower I'll check on Daddy ..."

"Daddy, put a nice layer of compost on the raised bed ..."

"Now mix the compost into the raised bed dad. I think we should plant broccoli in this raised bed"

09 May 2018

Bald Eagle

I found this Bald Eagle in a tree overlooking Wysox Creek near the bridge. The creek was restocked with trout a week ago and this looks like a good spot to catch a meal.

03 May 2018

Another Warm Day

By 10:00AM the temperature was 80F and I found this deer seeking a cool spot in the shade of the north side of our cabin.

Over on the south side of the cabin I found a different approach to staying cool. These deer crawled under the cabin to stay cool.

I counted three deer under the cabin.