27 February 2014

Hopkins' New House

The electricians and plumbers have been busy installing the wiring, drains and water lines in Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house. Here's a view of the kitchen sink area. 

Down in the basement, the hot and cold water lines all converge at a location where they will be connected to a supply manifold.

Overhead view of the water lines.

Electrical cables waiting for the installation of the breaker panel.

24 February 2014

First Sign of Spring

Its been a long, cold, snowy winter, but one of the first signs of spring appeared in the neighborhood today. I spotted this robin along Joyce Road near our barn. I'm hoping it's a sign of spring and not just a lost bird.

11 February 2014

Hopkins' New House - Day 14

After yesterday's concrete pour in the basement of Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house, the concrete was given some time to set up and cure. With the outside temperature at -5F this morning, a propane heater provides some heat to the area.

While the concrete floor cures in the basement, the plumbers were busy connecting pipes on the second floor.

10 February 2014

Hopkins' New House - Day 13

It was a cold, clear morning and a concrete mixer was parked next to Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house ready to pour the basement floor.

The small basement window was used to pour the concrete into the basement.

After preheating the basement with a propane heater for a couple of days, the floor was leveled and prepared for the concrete.

07 February 2014

Another Cold Morning

This was another cold morning in the neighborhood with a temperature of -2F. It was cold enough to form ice crystals on this wild rose bush as the moisture in the air froze on cold surfaces.

A close-up view of ice crystals on a rose hip (the fruit of the rose plant).

Hopkins' New House - Day 12

After a two day delay due to snow and cold weather, the plumbing and electrical crew were back working on Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house.

The electricians were busy positioning the electrical boxes throughout the house.  

The plumbers worked on connecting drain and vent pipes.

06 February 2014

Winter Weather

Our neighborhood received 9 to 10 inches of snow yesterday and the local deer were out looking for a meal as the afternoon sun sets behind the mountain and the temperature dropped into the teens.

04 February 2014

Hopkins' New House - Day 11

The roofing crew was back at Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house to finish the last details of the house roof.

As the roofers were finishing their work, the plumbing/heating crew arrived on site and started working. Installing duct work for the heating/cooling system.

The start of plumbing and ventilation in the utility room.

03 February 2014

Hopkins' New House - Day 10

Not much activity at Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house today but the exterior doors were installed. A view of the front door.

A view of the French door from the kitchen area to where the deck will be install.

A view from the back side of the house showing the kitchen door and basement French door.

With the basement door installed, a propane heater was heating the basement area in preparation for pouring the concrete floor.

01 February 2014


This past January was a very cold month and our wood-stove made  these cold days of  winter comfortable. We have lots of firewood for this year but now it's time to start working on next year's firewood supply.

After a week of sub-zero overnight temperatures, the conditions were perfect with today's temperature climbing into the low 40's, the ground was frozen rock hard, very little snow and calm winds,  it's time to haul firewood. A couple of years ago a pipeline right-of-way was cleared through the woods on our cabin property and the logs were stacked at the edge of the right-of-way. When the conditions are right, we load the logs on a trailer and haul them to our barn, less than a mile away, where they are cut and split into firewood.