26 July 2010

Neighborhood Bears

I started the day by heading to Rome to get gas for mowing the lawns but found a black bear walking/running up Joyce Road near Jim and Mary Koval's. The bear made a left turn up Harley and Barb's driveway where I got this picture before it entered the woods.

The bear was headed toward our farm property so I quickly drove the car to the field behind the barn and waited for the bear. After a couple of minutes I got out of the car and walked towards Harley's house where I meet the bear (at less than 15 yards) in the tall goldenrod. The bear headed south towards Dana Green's and I wasn't able to get another picture of this bear.

I returned to the car and had planned to show Harley the picture of the bear but found a second, smaller bear at Joyce Road near the driveway to the barn. This bear slowly walked up the road as I followed in the car.

The bear headed left and crossed Jan and Steve's driveway as it headed towards Miner's pond.

The bear then walked along the edge of the pond and back on Joyce Road. The bear continued north on the road and then headed for Gerry and Janet's lawn.

The bear walked towards the back of Gerry's lawn ...

and headed for the bird feeders. I shouted at the bear and it then headed for Gordon and Barb's lawn.

I continued to follow the bear with the car as it walked towards Gordon's bird feeder.

I got out of the car and shouted at the bear again as it approached the bird feeder. The bear then ran into the nearby woods.

Once in the woods, the bear stopped and watched me for a while and then walked slowly into the woods.

Pipeline Environmental Evaluation

Steve Finch and Stephen Caruana of Kleinfelder were in the neighborhood today conducting an environmental evaluation of the proposed Chesapeake gas pipeline.

21 July 2010

EASTHILL site survey

Greenway Engineering was in the neighborhood today to do the initial survey of the proposed EASTHILL (EAW37) drill site. This survey will be done with a GPS mapping system to create a 3D map of the property for use in creating a well pad layout. Two wooden survey stakes and metal pins were placed along Joyce Road next to our cabin property as reference markers for other surveys done on the EASTHILL drill site.

19 July 2010

New Calf

We have been out of the neighborhood for a couple of weeks visiting our sons, Brad in Michigan and Chuck in Iowa. We stopped at Jason's to catch up on the neighborhood news and had a chance to see a new calf shortly after it was born. We noticed one of the cows (Donna) was laying on its side and "dropped" the calf as we started to walk to the field.

Donna was cleaning the calf when we arrived.

After a few minutes the calf took its first steps.