30 April 2014

Hopkins' New House

The construction of Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house has moved into the finish work stage as crews install the flooring.

Hardwood flooring being installed in the foyer area.

Installing the hardwood flooring in the dining room.

Installing ceramic tile in the master bath.

Work in progress ...

29 April 2014

Hopkins' New House

There's an old saying about "watching paint dry ...", but it's another stage in the construction of Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house. With the interior  sheet-rock and spackling  complete, Brian & Tish are busy painting.   

View of the kitchen area. A stack of sheet-rock remains in the kitchen area until it can be installed in the garage.

Master bedroom and bath.


First floor bath.

20 April 2014

Has Spring Finally Arrived?

We have been tempted with a few spring-like days since the vernal equinox marked the first day of spring last month, but the warm days were soon followed by another visit of the polar vortex. The weather has been warmer in Anchorage, Alaska this spring than here on Joyce Road.

After a long cold spring the daffodils have finally managed to bloom.

The bumblebees are busy taking advantage of the first flowers of spring.

10 April 2014

Hopkins' New House

With the back-filling around Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house complete, the siding crew was busy putting the finishing touches of the exterior of the house.

Most of the siding, gutters and downspouts are complete. Still some work to complete on the front porch and entrance.

03 April 2014

Hopkins' New House

With some, but not all of the drywall hung in Brian & Tish Hopkins' new house, the spackling of the seams and joints has begun. Applying seam tape on the kitchen ceiling.

A view of the living room.