26 February 2010

Digging Out

We haven't had much snow this year but we finally got enough snow to bring out the snow removal equipment. This wasn't a record snow fall but in the past 2 days we got between 16 and 22 inches of snow with some drifts over 3 feet high. Brian Hopkins tried to push the snow with his ATV plow but quickly changed to the front end loader to clean his driveway.

I got our driveway plowed in the morning before it had finished snowing. By the late afternoon the Sun came out and we saw some blue sky.

At the top of the hill, at Gordon and Barb Secor's, the snow was deeper due to the drifting.

Not everyone spent the day removing snow. The tracks of a snowmobile can be seen in Jason's field.

08 February 2010

Maintaining Joyce Road

Gale Bowen, Rome Township Road Supervisor, and Jason Petlock of the Bradford County Conservation District were inspecting sections of Joyce Road today. In the following photo they inspected a section of drainage ditch along Joyce Road for damage from the recent flooding. In the past, this section of ditch received severe erosion from heavy rains and caused flooding along Joyce Road. Last summer, Rome Township lined this section of drainage ditch with flat, angular rocks to control erosion. The rock lining has preformed very well in controlling erosion and stabilizing this section of Joyce Road.

This inspection also looked into the future impact of increased traffic on Joyce Road as a detour during repairs to Gillett's Bridge.

07 February 2010

Keeping warm

We may not have much snow this year but the weather has turned colder. Jason and Mary Abell took advantage of the lack of snow and frozen ground to stock up on firewood.