30 September 2010

Aerial Photos

While I was at our cabin property yesterday afternoon I noticed a low flying plane circle the neighborhood several times.

Dave Abell was in the plane and sent the following aerial photos of the neighborhood.

The Abell Farm

Gerry and Janet's - Gordon and Barb's

The Beebe Barn

27 September 2010

Deer Antlers

With the coming of fall the deer have developed a new set of antlers and are getting ready for mating season. At Greg and Linda Saylor's deer farm it's time to remove the antlers from their deer for the safety of both people and other deer.

The first step in the removal process is to dart the deer so it can be caught and handled.

Once the deer is subdued and blindfolded, the antlers are cut off with an electric saw. After the antlers are removed the deer is given a series of shots and watched for the remainder of the day to be sure the deer is OK.

Photos provided by Greg and Linda Saylor

23 September 2010

EAW37 (EASTHILL) Environmental Evaluation

Jim Irre of Greenway Engineering was at the cabin property today for another environmental evaluation of a different location for the proposed EAW37 (EASTHILL) well pad on our property. This new location is Southeast of the prior EASTHILL location. If the environmental study of this location is acceptable then a GPS mapping of the location will be preformed to determine placement of the proposed well pad.

13 September 2010

Hail Storm

Today started out as a typical mid-September day with blue sky and a few clouds. I was working at our cabin property clearing brush and a very dark cloud moved in from the northwest. Soon lightning was flashing and it started raining. I was on the tractor and headed for the barn. As I parked the tractor in the barn the rain started pouring with a few hailstone mixed in. Within minutes the ground turned white with hail and the sound of hail hitting the steel roof of the barn was deafening.

As soon as it was safe to leave the barn I headed for the Bronco and got the following picture of hail on the hood.

The hail was still falling (the streaks in photo) as I got the picture of hail on a sand pile at the barn.

A photo of the hail on the ground.

I headed to the cabin and got this photo of ground fog caused by the cold hail on the ground, the dark storm cloud and bright sunshine, all at the same time.

08 September 2010

Pipeline and Drill Pad Status

A team from Chesapeake was in the neighborhood today doing an initial walk-through for another gas pipeline.

This pipeline, the Wesauking Pipeline, will run East/West and connect to the North/South running Wilmot Pipeline on our Cabin property. Both pipelines are still in the planning stages and subject to change due to placement of gas drilling pads.

Chesapeake is also working on the well pad design and locations for EASTHILL (EAW37) and WESTHILL (EAW40) drill sites on our properties. I have requested that Chesapeake move the location of the EASTHILL pad, on the cabin property, to the south and away from neighborhood homes.

The following photo shows a Greenway Engineering GPS unit set-up along Joyce Road. The drill rig at the TREAT well pad can be seen in the background (center of the photo and to the left of the tripod).