20 May 2017

Spring Turkey Hunt

Another Saturday morning of the Spring-gobbler turkey hunting season and I'm trying a different location to see if my luck is any better.

After a couple of hours of no activity, this woodchuck came out to harass me.

At first the woodchuck was more interested in checking out my turkey decoys and would approach the decoys carefully.

Time for a close up look at a decoy.

The woodchuck returned to his hole at the edge of the field and was replaced with this squirrel. Still no turkeys harmed so far this spring.

15 May 2017

Baby Geese

The first batch of baby geese (goslings) have arrived on Miner's pond and the proud parents are showing off the little ones.

13 May 2017

Spring Turkey Hunt

It's another rainy/wet Saturday morning. Too wet to mow the lawn ... I guess I'll go turkey hunting. It's now the third week of the Spring-gobbler turkey hunting season and I had this hen come within 25 feet of my blind. I only saw two gobblers but they stayed out of range.

By 11:00AM I had seen a couple more hens and was watching this hen when a red fox tried to sneak up on it.

The turkey saw the red fox and made a fast exit from the field.

The red fox had to change its meal plans and headed toward my blind.

The red fox must have detected me and also made a fast exit from the field.

No turkeys were harmed during today's hunt.

12 May 2017


The warm weather of spring is here and with the warm weather comes ticks.

I was walking around looking for morel mushrooms and wildflowers to photograph but came back with ticks. Found six ticks and no morel mushrooms.

10 May 2017

Autumn Olive and Bees

The flowers on the autumn olive bushes are starting to bloom and the bees are buzzing around the flower.

06 May 2017

Spring Turkey Hunt

We are now into the second week of the Spring-gobbler turkey hunting season and I haven't harmed any turkeys (yet). It was a rainy/wet morning and I set up my hen turkey decoys before day break and then waited in the shelter of a ground blind. I wasn't able to attract any turkeys to the decoys but a did have this deer come in to check out the decoy.

Maybe I should use this turkey decoy for deer hunting.