19 August 2010

Barn project

Ever since we bought the farm property we have been working on fixing the barn. Last summer we started working on shoring up the foundation on the south wall of the barn. After a year of jacking up the barn and pouring a new concrete foundation we reached a milestone in the project and were able to finally pour a new concrete floor on the south bay of the barn.

The south bay of the barn is 13 feet by 45 feet and required almost 12 cubic yards of concrete to bring it close to level with the old concrete in the middle bay of the barn. The new concrete is almost a foot thick in one area to correct a sag in the old floor caused by movement of the old foundation.

Because of the size of this concrete pour (12 cubic yards) we subcontracted this work to Jim Histand. Jim and his crew made the hard work of pouring the new floor look easy. This concrete pour was exactly one year from the day we poured a new footer for a barn support.

08 August 2010


The Saturday night fireworks from "Roman Holidays" were visible from parts of Joyce Road and we had a great view from our cabin. (Click on photos to enlarge)