31 January 2012

Pipeline Construction

The timber mating on the pipeline access road now allows the truckloads of timber mates to be delivered closer to where they are needed on the pipeline route.

Unloading the timber mates.

With the warm/wet weather they will need a lot of timber mates.

Near our woods they are placing the timber mates in the "pullback" area for welding pipe.

Mud in the wooded section of the pipeline route.

Excavators working in the wooded section.

Top soil being cleared at Jason and Mary Abell's

30 January 2012

Pipeline Construction

Timber mats have been placed on the pipeline access road from Joyce Road to the pipeline right-of-way near our cabin.

Timber matting has also been placed in the cabin driveway where the pipeline will cross our road.

Installing timber mats in the pipeline route.

The timber mats on the access road will now allow "wheeled" equipment, such as a forklift, to move supplies to the pipeline route.

Culvert pipe being transported to the pipeline route.

A CAT D8 dozer moving dirt on the pipeline right-of-way on the south end of our property.

28 January 2012

Pipeline Construction

The warm/wet Winter weather is creating some additional problems for the pipeline construction ... MUD!

The "Ditch Witch" used for installing silt fence has become another victim of our clay soil.

An access road to the pipeline is being constructed next to the driveway to our cabin. This temporary access road is being constructed with planking placed over the muddy soil.

A CAT-D8 dozer clears the topsoil from the pipeline right-of-way near our cabin.

Topsoil removal near the wetlands crossing by the cabin. Towner Hill in the background with the TREAT well pad (about 2 miles away) above and to the right of the dozer.

A CAT-D8 clearing topsoil. The pipeline route across Jason and Mary Abell's property can be seen in the background.

27 January 2012

On Vacation

You may have noticed the lack of activity on this blog for the last couple of weeks. We've been on vacation in Ecuador. Check out our travel blog:

Ecuador & Amazon Adventure

11 January 2012

Pipeline Construction

Construction equipment for the Wilmot pipeline is active again on the cabin property. This photo shows an excavator moving supplies along the pipeline route at the wetlands crossing near our cabin.

Silt fence is being install along the pipeline route through the cleared section of our woods.

Silt fencing to be installed near the wetlands crossing below our pond.

Since this pipeline crosses both State Route 467 and Johnson Creek near Allis Hollow Equipment, this section of the pipeline will be bored out. At the top of the hill, in Sink's field, the silt fence has been installed at the exit location for a pipeline bore.

The pipeline boring will start on the south side of Johnson Creek, at the base of Harmony Hill and will proceed north under the creek and SR-467 and continue underground to Sink's field at the top of the hill. This pipeline bore is 1/2 mile long and when the boring is complete a 24 inch gas pipeline will be pulled back through the bore hole.

The following photo is a view of the pipeline route on Harmony Hill and shows construction equipment at the bottom of the hill near the location of the starting point for the pipeline boring.

This photo shows the pipeline boring equipment in the field next to Raglan Road (T738). The boring operation is being done by Carson & Roberts of Lafayette, NJ.

A Google Map satellite view showing the pipeline route in yellow and pipeline bore section in red.
Google Map link