31 October 2019


I upgraded my weather station last month and tonight, when the heavy rain moved through our area, the display had the message "IT'S RAINING CATS AND DOGS" at the bottom of the screen to clarify the current weather.

30 October 2019

Bugs in the House

As the cooler weather of fall moves into our neighborhood, ladybugs are looking for a place to hibernate until the warm weather of spring returns. I opened our sliding glass door today and found the door jam loaded with ladybugs, which then did a mad dash into our living room.

The floor of our barn, near the rear door, was covered with hundreds of ladybugs.

The ladybugs looked dead, but when I started to sweep them up, many of them started moving. To avoid stepping on the ladybugs, I collected them and placed them in an open coffee can.

I also found this katydid looking for a warm spot in our living room.

28 October 2019

Deer at Pond

I went up to the pond near our cabin this evening to see if I could get some photos of wood ducks, but had some deer come to the pond.

Safari Day 7 - Afternoon Game Drive

Day 7 of our safari has been a long busy day and it's now tine for our afternoon game drive. This afternoon's game drive is in a section of the park that is mostly grassland. Some Topi grazing.

A small herd of elephants grazing in the open grassland.

As we start to see zebras grazing our tour group's Land Cruisers stop to watch a couple of zebra.

We are informed by our tour guide that a lion is in the tall grass stalking these zebras.

As we watch the zebra graze and move about, the lion waits in the tall grass until the conditions are right and then it makes its move. The lion had predetermined the zebra it wanted and is seen here running past one zebra to chase the one it selected.

The lion catches the selected zebra and starts to bring it down.

Once our tour guides determine lion has the zebra down, we move our Land Cruisers within 10 to 15 yards of the lion. The lion continues to hold the zebra by the neck until the struggle is over.

With the zebra finished off, the lion turns to our Land Cruiser and gives us a warning as to the ownership of the meal.

We continue our game drive deeper into the grassland where we find a herd of Cape Buffalo

In a nearby river we find some hippos.

With the sun setting lower in the sky, we find a herd of Impala.

Our tour group now stops near a lone tree in the middle of the open grassland ...

Our driver tells us it's safe to get out of the Land Cruiser and walk around ...

It's our last evening together as a tour group and time to party.

Our group photo.

27 October 2019

Safari Day 7 - Maasai Village Visit

After returning from our balloon ride we traveled to a nearby Maasai Village where we were greeted by the tribal chief and village warriors. We learned about some of their customs, ceremonies and rites of passage.

Inside the village I met this young man that gave me with a forceful fist-bump and high-five greeting.

He was also the cheerleader for the tribal women's greeting of our group.

Some of the village warriors performed the adumu ("jumping dance"). The higher the jump is, the stronger the warrior is and the more of respect and admiration from the tribe (and the women).

We visited this village during the middle of the day while most of the older village children were attending classes in the nearby public school. Kenya is currently installing high speed fiber optic internet lines to rural schools to provide online learning programs.

The village courtyard was surrounded by the villager's mud hut homes and the courtyard was used for grazing cattle and goats.

A demonstration on making fire with a simple hand drill fire starter.

Within a couple of minutes they had a fire started.

After the tour of the village and the demonstrations it was time to visit their version of an open-air gift shop.

Hand-carved items and bead-work were for sale and part of the proceeds was used to fund the village school.

Trunk or Treat

Reed's Day Care held its annual "Trunk or Treat" at the Day Care's parking lot this weekend. Reed wanted to go as a Warlock (male witch).

Grandma and I went as people on safari.

As it turned out, we weren't the only people on safari. These parents had also been on a safari and used it as the theme for their trunk. This was Reed's favorite trunk to visit.

Reed visited this guy several times.

Reed's classmate Ashley with her unicorn.

The parade around the trunks

Some parents went all out with a costume theme

Reed working on a sugar high

Reed waiting for his turn at some candy.

A cute little pirate handing out candy from her trunk.

Reed and Ashley checking their haul of candy.

First place in the 4-Preschool costume.

Fist place for their Safari trunk.