30 March 2013

Spring Geese

The days are getting warmer and geese are pairing up looking for places to nest. With the ice melted from our pond, a couple of geese are checking out this possible nesting location.

26 March 2013

Another Sign of Spring? Patching Potholes

As we progress out of the gray, chilly, gloomy days of Winter looking for any sign of Spring, could this be a sign, Rome Township patching potholes???

After months of dodging potholes (and replacing the front wheel bearing on my truck), maybe these mini-speed-bumps will smooth out and stay in the potholes.

24 March 2013

First Crocus of Spring

While our current weather may not feel like spring, our first crocus of the year has reluctantly pushed through the frozen ground and bloomed.

23 March 2013

Red Fox

There hasn't been too much wildlife activity in the neighborhood this winter, but as the daylight gets longer and temperature gets warmer (hopefully soon), I'm starting to see more wildlife. I got some photos of this red fox looking for a meal.