31 January 2015

Snow Sculptures

The snowfall this year has been manageable (so far) and sometimes there is a clear sunny day to check out snow sculptures. Both natural and man-made.

The fine dry snow from the past week's snow storms and some wind formed a snow cornice on the stone wall at our barn.

Snow people are popping up all over. These two snow people seem to enjoy the cold weather as one of them looks to the sky for more new arrivals (some assembly required).

27 January 2015

Let it snow ...

A couple of inches of new snow fell today, but it wasn't enough snow to bother the local neighborhood deer. The deer's fur is such a good insulator that the snow on their back doesn't melt.

26 January 2015

More snow on the way

The last couple of snowfalls to hit the neighborhood have just been "nuisance snows". Barely enough snow to shovel, but enough snow to make roads messy.

So far this year the snow storms have dumped more snow to the south of us. The weather forecast is for a major snow storm to again dump more snow to the south and east of us. Our current forecast is 4 to 6 inches of snow over the next couple of days, but a change in the storm's path could increase the amounts.

Snow from the last storm clinging to a seed head of grass.

24 January 2015


The weather for the last couple of weeks has been cold and cloudy, and you may have noticed I haven't posted too many updates this month. I've spent the last couple of weeks indoors, enjoying the heat from the wood stove and planning some warm weather projects.

 We may have received a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight, but today was the first warm, sunny day in a long time, and the day ended with a very colorful sunset.

08 January 2015

Brrrrr ...

The weather for Joyce Road for the first week of January 2015, has gone from 49 degrees F on January 4th to zero this morning. This morning's cold isn't too far from the normal temperature for January, but the 49 degree day earlier this week made it feel a lot colder.

A temperature graph from my online weather station.