21 July 2017

Fawns and other Deer

This year's new fawns are now 4 to 6 weeks old and starting to be more socially visible with the other deer in the neighborhood.

One of these fawns is nursing as the second fawn watches me.

Still nursing as a second doe watches.

In another area of the neighborhood I found these two fawns watching the traffic on the township road.

This pair of fawns brought a buck for backup support.

Not sure if the buck is their dad, big brother or just a friend.


A thunder storm passed through the neighborhood today around 4:00PM while I was mowing the lawn at our barn and I was forced to seek shelter in the barn until the storm pasted. During the storm I heard the loud thunder of several close lightning strikes but didn't know the exact location of the strikes. About an hour after the storm passed I was driving along the township road and noticed damaged bark on a hickory tree next to the road. I thought something had run into the tree but found a band of the bark had been removed from the base of the tree to the very top. The tree had been struck by lightning.

Not all of the bark had been removed from the tree but it formed stripe that twisted around the tree.

Some of the missing bark over 20 feet above the ground.

17 July 2017

Reed's Check-up

Another big day for Mr. Reed, our grandson, as he starts his day with a healthy breakfast. He's now 10 months old and time for a visit with the doctor for a check-up.

At the doctor's office, killing time in the waiting room with mommy.

Still waiting for the doctor... selfie with grandpa. (I now have 4 teeth)

Go to examining room #4, take your clothes off and wait for the doctor.

These scales can't be right... are you sure?

Check my length... I feel like a bass at a fishing tournament.

Checking my knowledge container...

Checking the ears...

Time for a blood sample.

Time for a shot and we are done. Everything looked good and we will see you again in September.

14 July 2017


Some of the early blueberries are starting to ripen in our blueberry patch.

It looks like a good crop of blueberries this year but I also saw some signs of the bushes being raided by some of the wildlife. There have been some sightings of bears in the neighborhood.

11 July 2017

Underwing Caterpillar

I was cleaning out weeds from my raspberry patch when I came across this large caterpillar on a dead raspberry cane. This 4 inches long caterpillar is an Underwing Caterpillar, a Catocala ilia Moth.

06 July 2017


As I was leaving our barn today, in my truck, I noticed a limb on a walnut tree was hanging low and the back side of several of the leaves were almost solid white. After investigating I could see the white colored leaves were covered with caterpillars and some of the surrounding branches had been defoliated.

The caterpillars were about the size of a very large grain of rice and packed tightly on the leaves.

A close-up of the caterpillars.

03 July 2017

Time to mow some hay

I have been busy with some other activities this year and have gotten behind on my mowing.

Its been hard to find the deer in the tall grass.

I put the sickle bar mower on the tractor and after a couple of passes around the field I had this fawn come out the tall grass.

Almost done with this section of the field and a second fawn came out of the grass.