29 April 2013


A couple of foxes have moved into the neighborhood. They blend into the background easily but can be spotted in some of their favorite locations, if you know were to look. This fox has likes the wetlands near our barn.

After viewing the foxes a few times, it's easy to tell them apart (darker hind quarter and tail). This fox was found at the wetlands near our cabin. I didn't notice this fox at first, but a couple of deer point him out as they moved in to investigate the fox.

The fox finally gave up on this area and headed for new hunting grounds.

18 April 2013

Sun Dogs

While scouting for turkeys in the late afternoon I noticed an atmospheric phenomena know as a sun dog. Sun dogs appear as a colored patch of light to the left or right of the sun, at the same distance above the horizon as the sun. Sun dogs are caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in cirrus clouds.

12 April 2013

Another Sign of Spring

The warm spring weather has gobblers strutting as they try to attract hens. The first photo shows a gobbler strutting past some grazing deer as he makes a "beeline" to the other side of the field. The second photo shows the reason for his rush to the other side of the field. On the ridge he joins another gobbler with a flock of hens.
The two gobblers zero in on a couple of hens as they try to impress the hens with their dance moves.

09 April 2013

Spring Flowers

After this year's cold, dreary, cloudy, windy and long winter, some flowers on the south side of our garage only needed a couple of sunny days to bloom.

DaffodilBug in Daffodil

Lenten Rose


07 April 2013

Sprintime Frogs

As the Winter's cold weather continued into Spring, the first warm days brought out the neighborhood frogs in our small wetland area. The sound of hundreds of frogs in this small area can be deafening. After only a couple of days the pond is starting to fill with egg masses, along with frogs.