23 October 2009

Signs of Autumn

The first snow of the season came and a couple of days later the temperature was back in the 70's. The cold and snow must have triggered the geese to head south and hundreds of geese can be seen on Miner's pond.

The early snow may have forced many of the trees to drop their leave but I did find some Autumn leaves at a local pond.

16 October 2009

Seismic Survey part 3

The Geokinetics' helicopter was back in the neighborhood delivering equipment to the workers as they connect the network of geophones for the seismic survey.

The following photo is the equipment bag that was dropped off in our lawn by a helicopter.

This photo shows some of the geophone placed on our property. This location, in our lawn, has six geophones (the blue dots) and the cable network that sends the collected data to the transmitter unit.

This photo shows the data transmitter (box with yellow antenna) and the battery pack (red box). When the seismic survey is conducted, controlled explosions will be detonated to create a seismic shock wave that will travel through the underlying rock and be reflected back to the geophones.

The triggering of the explosive charges and data collection for this area is done with radio signals to/from a command center located in a truck on route 706 near Camptown.

First snow of the season

We had a wet and cold summer this year and now it looks and feels like we skipped over Autumn and went directly to winter. The fall leaves were about to reach the peak of their color this week but the early snow will shorten the viewing time.

The white snow does add some contrast to the bright red of a burning bush.

But ... The marigolds didn't even have time this year to form seed heads.

05 October 2009

Seismic Survey part 2

Geokinetics Inc. was back in the neighborhood preparing for the seismic survey. This phase requires the laying of geophones and cables. A helicopter is used to deliver packages of cables to the different locations. One of the cable drops was in our lawn and less than 100 yards from our back door.

East by Northwest

The company that our son Brad works for is re-locating his job from San Jose, California to a new site near Detroit, Michigan. Brad will start work at the new site on October 19th and for the next two weeks he will be on vacation as he drives from California to Michigan. Brad plans to take an indirect route to Michigan and document his travels with daily blog updates.

You can follow Brad's travels at East-By-Northwest (http://east-by-northwest.blogspot.com/).