24 January 2016

Snow? Where's the Snow?

A major snow storm struck the east coast this weekend, but came short of hitting northern PA and Joyce Road.

While some of the major cities on the east coast got over two feet of snow, we didn't even get a dusting of snow.

19 January 2016

Visiting Myra

Our granddaughter, Myra, is now 5 months old and we traveled to Iowa last week to visit her and her parents, Chuck and Nikki.

Myra is now able to hold her own bottle ...

and enjoys playing with (tasting) her toes. She does not like to wear socks.

Myra loves to go to the Omaha Zoo and was fascinated by the penguin and fish exhibits.

Myra is full of energy and enjoys play time.

08 January 2016

Where's the Snow?

It's now the second week of January and the big question is "where is the snow"?

We haven't had any measurable snowfall this winter season and this pair of fawns are enjoying a warm sunny day as they look for some green grass.

Without the snow cover, this small herd of deer has been able to snack on this section of newly planted grass and keep it mowed.