26 February 2016

And still no snow on the ground

While major snow storms hit the east coast this winter, we continue to have bare ground. The snow storms have been traveling to the south and east of us. Strong rain/thunder storms came through the neighborhood in the past week and warmed the ground surface.

The neighborhood deer are hard to see since they blend into the background, but the deer don't seem to mind the lack of snow.

A few snow flakes on the backs of the deer as a snow squall passes through. "Do I smell alfalfa on your breath?"

15 February 2016

We've been traveling again

There isn't much happening in the neighborhood this time of year so we took a trip to the warmer weather in Havana, Cuba.

Travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens is still prohibited but we were able to travel to Havana, Cuba under the Treasury Department's new regulations for “people-to-people” educational visits.

The U.S. boycott of Cuba after it's 1959 Revolution has created a "time warp" in which there is little Internet access, a lot of cars on the road are 1950's classics and limited new construction.

Check out my travel blog of Havana:

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01 February 2016

Still No Snow!

It's now February and we've had very little snow in this neighborhood. While the short term effects of the lack of snowfall make travel easier and is less of a hardship for the wildlife, such as these local deer, the lack of snow on the ground may lead to a dry spring/summer.