30 August 2018

Neighborhood Fox

I was preparing to mow the field behind our barn when I spotted a young fox in the field looking for its next meal. The fox had focused its attention on finding food and didn't noticed me on my tractor. I decided to see how close I could get while on the tractor.

The fox started to walk slowly out of the field until it spotted a meal (maybe a frog) in a drainage ditch.

While the fox was enjoying its gourmet meal of frog legs I was able to get closer.

The young fox continued to look in the ditch for another tasty morsel as I inched closer on the tractor.

After about 10 minutes the fox stopped for a rest at the edge of the field and then walked into the brush.

20 August 2018

Monarch Butterflies

The Teasel plants (invasive weeds) are in bloom and the Monarch butterflies are taking advantage of this nectar source.

19 August 2018


While in Iowa, our grandson Reed got a chance to study a cicada. He referred to them as "icky bugs".

Bug Eyes

18 August 2018

Blue Heron

I was driving around some of the area back-roads trying to navigate around road closures caused by the recent flooding and found this Blue Heron.

16 August 2018

Rome Flooding

While we were in Iowa there was major flooding back here in PA. We only had minor problems with the creek behind our house but here are some photos from a quick drive through Rome.

In July of 2017 this resident had major flooding and constructed a wall of concrete blocks that he thought would protect his property... It didn't!

Each block measures 2 foot by 2 foot by 6 feet long and weighs 3,500 pounds. The concrete blocks were stacked two rows high but couldn't stop the flood water.

This 3,500 pound block was moved over 100 feet by the force of the water.

Heading north on route 187 from the wall, this house had basement walls collapse from the force of the water.

The force of the water on this garage pushed in a wall and blew out the garage doors.

At the north end of town trees were stuck under the bridge.

Major damage around the sawmill and Bed & Breakfast area.

15 August 2018

Reed's First Flight

Mr. Reed is heading to Omaha, Nebraska and then Iowa to visit his cousins (Myra & Henry) and gets to ride in a plane for the first time. His bag is packed and we check in at the airport.

Now to find our departure gate.

On the plane and Mr. Reed wanted to check with the pilots to see if his dinosaurs could ride on the dash for the trip. With his dinosaurs positioned on the dash the co-pilot wanted to know if Mr. Reed would like to take control ...

Mr. Reed had a quick answer of "YES" as the pilot got up ...

Mr. Reed hops into the pilot's seat and checks the flight plan ...

Mr. Reed goes through the preflight checklist ...

"We are ready for takeoff." But due to a full ground stop at the Detroit airport our takeoff would be delayed.

After about a one hour delay we were cleared for takeoff but Mr. Reed decided to get comfortable back in the main cabin.

We are now in the Detroit airport and have another delay. Reed took this photo of his dad while we wait in Detroit.

This is going to be a 4 hour delay and Mr. Reed made his traveling friends comfortable.

Mr. Reed with the gate attendant checking on the status of our flight and getting a selfie. Our flight left Detroit around 1:00AM (Eastern Time) and arrived in Omaha around 2:00AM (Central Time). Mr. Reed stayed awake the whole time until he got on the plane and the cabin lights were turned off. It was a long day and he slept in the next morning.

08 August 2018

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill Cranes aren't a common bird seen in Pennsylvania but I found this pair on our family homestead near New Albany. This family of Sandhill Cranes have been returning to this area for over 10 years to nest. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Sightings Map this area has some of the largest numbers of Sandhill Crane sightings in PA.

05 August 2018

Red Fox

Late in the afternoon I drove up to one of my wildlife food plots to look for deer and ended up watching this red fox for about a half hour as it looked for a meal.

04 August 2018

Bugs on Bee Balm

The Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) also known as Bee Balm is in bloom and always a good place to check up on some of the neighborhood insects.

Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly

Eastern Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Red Admiral Butterfly

Banded Net-Wing Beetle

Not sure what this is.