19 June 2017

Painted Turtles

It was a rainy day in the neighborhood and a good day to find painted turtles along Joyce Road near Miner's Pond. I found two small painted turtles crossing the road, looking for a place to lay their eggs. Unlike the snapping turtles, the painted turtles are shy and non-aggressive.

13 June 2017

Cooling Off

The temperature was into the 90's today and our grandson Reed got to try out his new wading pool.

This is fun ...

Reed wasn't the only one enjoying the pool. Mommy and Grandma also tried to cool off.

10 June 2017

Snapping Turtle

I was driving up the road to our cabin and spotted this snapping turtle crossing the road.

Unlike the smaller painted turtles that are found in our neighborhood, snapping turtles have a muscular build, can grow very large and have a very aggressive disposition.

While it may look like the snapping turtle is smiling, don't be fooled ...

This turtle charged my camera and tried to bite it.