27 December 2012


We've had a few dustings of snow this Fall/Winter season, but this is the first "plow-able" snowfall in almost 2 years.

Our son, Matt, was home for Christmas and his dog, Colby, acted just like most kids with the first snow of the year...

Colby ran up the road ...

Down the road ...

And sometimes stopped to look for rabbits (he loves to play with rabbits).

The snow on our solarium formed lots of icicles as snow started to melt.

The snow acted like a mini-glacier as it slid off the solarium roof.

A picture of Wysox Creek.

16 December 2012

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree ...

I needed to thin out some of the white pine trees on our cabin property and the Hopkins family was able to select a Christmas tree.

Brian supervises as Daylan and Brady saw the white pine tree.

Brady, Daylan and Brian.

Dragging the Christmas Tree home.

15 December 2012

White Christmas (?)

When most people think of a "White Christmas" they think of the  1954  musical film  starring  Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, but "white Christmas" has a different meaning to Brian & Tish Hopkins.

The trees at Brian & Tish's are decorated with toilet paper (this week's special bargain at TOPS Super Market)  and not  the typical Christmas tree garland.

Tish isn't sure who volunteered their decorating services  but she hopes to return the favor.

It almost looks like snow on the ground.

05 December 2012

Time to relax

With Thanksgiving over and the fall turkey season closed, this flock of turkeys was taking it easy and enjoying the mild December weather.