24 April 2010

Watershed Improvements

Jason Abell's farm is one of six Bradford County farms benefiting from funds made available through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST). A major part of the project is the construction of a concrete barnyard to be used for feeding cattle and reducing waste run-off in a nearby stream.

Jason explains how the system works.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is also providing funds to help reduce nitrogen and phosphorus run-off and sediment into local streams. Additionally, funds from Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) will pay for native trees and shrubs to be planted along a stream on the Abell farm.

Hunting for dinner

While checking for spring turkey activity I spotted this fox hunting for its next meal.

Not only was I watching the fox, but a hen turkey (upper right) was also keeping an eye on the fox.

After several minutes the fox successfully caught a mouse.

16 April 2010

Animals on the move

The warm weather of spring has increased the animal activity in the neighborhood. I was at the farm yesterday afternoon and spotted a small flock of turkeys feeding. A big tom turkey was in full strut trying to impress the hens. While the turkeys feed they were joined by a couple of deer that joined the flock and grazed in the middle of the flock. I was was watching the turkeys and deer with binoculars and almost missed seeing a family of bears past within a 100 yards of me.

A mother bear and two cubs walked between me and the turkeys. These bears appear to be the same ones spotted at the farm last year.

Out of town

We have been out of town for the past few weeks on a cruise. Check out some of the places we visited.