15 March 2012

More Signs of Spring

The warm weather continues and more signs of Spring appear in the neighborhood. The first daffodils are starting to bloom at our house.

While most people can identify spring daffodils, how many people can identify this spring flower? Hint, I noticed it blooming in our front lawn while drinking my morning coffee.

Somewhat a trick question. It's the flower of the Silver Maple tree in our lawn. The flowers are about 3/4 inch across and it is way too early for this to blossom.

Another flower in bloom is the Periwinkle.

Still finding more crocus in bloom and couldn't pass up taking some photos of these little jewels.

The bottom crocus in this photo even has a very small bug on it.

Yesterday I spotted my first frog of the spring and today there were fifty or more in a small wetland area on our property. The frogs and peepers are starting to mate and some have laid eggs already.

I found this lonely frog all by himself in a flooded area of the pipeline trench. Doesn't he know all his buddies are at a party in the wetlands at the bottom of the hill?


Cassie said...

Got the cd's last week. Thanks. It will probably take the rest of our life to look at all the photos. Lol! We haven't begun yet. Patrick's in Houston this week and I want to look at them with him. :<)

What are peepers anyway?? I always thought that was just another name for frogs! Have a good weekend.

Bob and Mary Beebe said...

Cassie, Peepers are a type of frog and are a member of the Chorus frogs (Pseudacris) genus in the Hylidae family of frogs. Peepers are to frogs as llamas, alpacas, guanacos and camels are to the Camelid biological family.