19 March 2012

Pipeline Construction

Wilmot Pipeline

After weeks of directional drilling, the drill bit for the pilot hole of the Wilmot Pipeline boring exited to the surface on Rose Ellis' property, 1/2 mile from its starting point.

Additional drilling will enlarge the pilot hole to 36 inches and a 1/2 mile long section of 24 inch pipeline will be pulled back through the hole.

The drill bit exited the ground exactly on the predetermined target at 4:45PM today. A worker used an excavator to dig a small pit at the target location prior to the arrival of the drill bit. The drill bit exited the ground dead center on target. A worker measures the exact location of the exit point.

Close-up view of the drill bit.

With the pilot hole complete, the workers remove the drill bit, "mud motor" and guidance equipment from the drill pipe.

Wesauking Pipeline

Work continued today on the positioning of pipe along the Wesauking Pipeline route. A truckload of pipe makes its way along the pipeline route near the wetlands area of Maureen Brady's property.

An excavator helps pull the truckload of pipe up a steep section of the right-of-way on Maureen's Property.

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