10 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

Construction of the Wesauking Pipeline crossed Joyce Road today. With the pipeline trenches dug on both sides of Joyce Road, the next step was to connect the trenches by cutting across the road.

Steel plates were placed over the trench so local traffic could cross the trench while the finial preparations were completed.

Joyce Road was closed as a section of pipe is placed in the road crossing.

Lowering the pipe into the trench.

Positioning the pipe so it is aligned with another section.

The two sections of pipeline are aligned and welded.

With the pipeline in the trench, the locations of the pipeline and welded joints is recorded with GPS.

The pipeline is backfilled with flowable fill, a mixture of cement, fly ash, water and sand.

The road crossing trench full of flowable fill.

A section of the pipeline, west of Joyce Road, is placed in the trench.

A view from the barn silo of the pipeline being placed in the trench.
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