12 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

Activity on the Wesauking Pipeline near Joyce Road dealt with two wetland crossings today. One on our property and one on Maureen Brady's property.

On our property the crew was busy completing the trench between the two sections of pipeline that were already buried on each side of the wetland area.

The banks on both sides of the wetland were very steep and required great skill just to keep the excavators in place. Don't try this at home ... These operators are skilled professionals.

So far ... so good... Happy faces as the work progresses.

With the trenching work complete, a team of excavators move a section of pipe into position. This section of pipe has multiple bends and was constructed at a different location along the right-of-way. Moving this section of pipe wasn't easy due to the steepness of the slope.

Don't try this at home ... These operators are skilled professionals.

The pipe is positioned into the trench.

A team of welders start to work on connecting the pipe on the far side.

With the one end of the pipe welded in place the welding team cuts the new section to the correct length using a special cut off tool.

The pipe is cut ...

The welding crew joins the second end of the new section in place. These welded joints are not easy to do under good conditions. This weld was done on a steep slope, in a muddy trench, while the welder is laying on his back and welding overhead.

Just try this at home ... These welders are skilled professionals.

(BTW - all welds will need to pass an X-ray test)

By the end of the day, the welds and all other inspection are complete and the trench is being backfilled.

On the west side of Joyce Road, another crew is working on the wetland crossing on Maureen Brady's property.

The wetland is smaller and flatter than the wetland crossing on our property.

As part of the crew works on digging the trench, another team is preparing the pipe section for the wetland crossing. Checking the pipeline coating with a "Jeep Meter".

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