25 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

The morning was sunny and bright as the 24 inch pipeline started its 1/2 mile journey through the bore hole. A row of three excavators lifted the pipeline into position for its entrance into the bore hole.

As the pipeline is pulled into the bore hole it is coated with a bath of drilling mud to lubricate it.

Wide angle view of the pipeline as excavators guide it into the bore hole. (click on image to enlarge the view)

It didn't take very long for the first two of four sections of pipeline to be pulled into the bore hole. While pipeline section number three was being welded onto the pull back pipeline, it was a good time to inspect the bore hole entrance.

View of the excavators used to move section three of the pipeline through the wetland area where it was welded to the pull back pipeline.

Welding a section of the pipeline to the pull back pipeline.

Excavators getting ready, near our cabin, to move forth section of pipeline.

Lifting the last section of pipeline onto the rollers.

Cutting the trailing end of section three to prepare it for welding onto the last section of pipeline.

Welding the last section of pipeline onto the pull back pipeline. This will create the over 1/2 mile of pipeline needed to pull into the bore hole. Once the welded joint completes the X-ray inspection, sandblasting and coating, it will be ready for the pulling.

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