13 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

Wilmot Pipeline
The Wilmot Pipeline boring project has reached another milestone with the 36 inch reamer reaching a complete pull to the top of the hill. After reaming the 1/2 mile long bore hole, the reamer will be turned around and pulled back through the bore hole to clean it.

The reaming tool is comprised of two cutters, the first cutter is 24 inches in diameter and the second cutter is 36 inches in diameter.

Close up view.

Wesauking Pipeline
After yesterday's completion of the wetland crossing on our property, a crew was busy backfilling and grading the pipeline right-of-way.

On the west side of Joyce Road another crew was busy working on grading the right-of-way through Maureen Brady's property.

With the pipeline buried, a crew was busy removing the timber planking used along the pipeline right-of-way.

The recent dry weather changed our clay soil to a very fine powder.

Removal of the planking was a little dusty.

It's not always the "boys" playing with the big equipment.

Open wide ...

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