23 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

Overnight a crew completed the leak testing of the sections of 24 inch pipeline that will be pulled through the directional drilling bore hole on the Wilmot Pipeline. The leak testing of the pipeline required the displacing of all air in the pipeline with water and then pressurizing the pipeline to 2,000 PSI and holding the pressure for 4 hours.

With the leak test complete, another crew arrived on site with equipment to prepare for pulling the pipe into the bore hole.

Stacks of rollers are moved to the pipeline "pull-back" area.

Photo of pipeline rollers. These rollers will be positioned along the pipeline "pull-back" area and the "pull-back" pipeline will be placed on the rollers.

Excavators positioning the rollers through the wetland area of our woods. The excavator in the background is preparing the entrance to the pipeline bore hole.

Photo of the pipeline bore hole entrance at the top of the hill. The finial reaming of the bore hole is complete and ready for the pipeline to be pull through the 1/2 mile long hole.

Rollers placed in the right-of-way leading to the bore hole entrance.

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