14 April 2012

Pipeline Construction

The section of the Wesauking Pipeline east of Joyce Road is buried and the pipeline crew is quickly removing the timber planking from the pipeline right-of-way.

A continuous stream of trucks arrived all day and were loaded with the planking and hauled to the next work site.

Directing traffic as trucks were loaded.

With the planking removed from the right-of-way, a CAT D-6 dozer works on grading the sub-soil. Once the freshly graded soil has had time to settle the top soil, in the berm at the left of the right-of-way, will be returned to the right-of-way and the area reseeded.

On the west side of Joyce Road, on Maureen Brady's property, another crew works on rough grading the wetland crossing area.

At the west end of Maureen's property a crew was working on installing a section of the pipeline which had some challenging bends in the pipe.

The west end of Maureen's property looking north to where the pipeline makes a 90 degree turn to the west and heads down a very steep hill to Wysox Creek.

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